4 Tips About Wills

Tips About Wills - Legal Solutions NZ

If you’re thinking about doing your Will, we’ve got 4 quick tips for you:

Think about who you want to appoint as your executors. This is an important job, as these are the people who administer your estate. It’s best to have at least two executors. Also have a chat to them and let them know you will be naming them in your Will.

If you have children under 18 years of age, you can name your preferred guardians in your Will. Again, it is a good idea to chat with these people, to let them know what your wishes are in this regard.

Try to be as specific as possible with your wishes for your Will. This will just cut down on any potential arguments about your estate after you have passed away.

Once your Will is completed, don’t just file it away and forget about it, it’s good to regularly review your Will. And I suggest every three years just to make sure it still remains relevant for your particular circumstances.

Here at Legal Solutions we’re able to help with drafting new Wills as well as reviewing existing Wills, so please get in contact with us, or start creating your Will here.