Let’s talk Subdividing!

Lets talk subdividing - Legal Solutions NZ

If you are considering subdividing your land, there are six steps that you need to navigate which we will outline below.

There are three main subdivision types; freehold, cross lease, or unit titles. We can advise you of the appropriate ownership type for your situation. Subdividing can be a lengthy and tricky process so it’s best to have some professional advice to save you time and money and unexpected costs.

Subdivision timeline:

Step One: Landowner to do due diligence on your land, engage a Surveyor to complete the subdivision

Step Two: Subdivision Consent. You will need to formally submit an application with the Council. The Council will consider the effect of the subdivision with the adjoining landowners, local Iwi or NZTA

Step Three: Survey Plan Approval. Your Surveyor will submit the final plan for approval to the relevant territorial authority. At this point they will decide whether the plan works within the original consent. Some work may need to be undertaken to comply with the conditions of consent e.g. engineering works to form access and entry, service installation and connections for water.

Step Four: Once all the Resource consent conditions have been met. An Application is made to the Council for a Section 224c Certificate.

Step Five: Lodgment with Land Information New Zealand Limited. Record of Title documents and the survey plan must be lodged with LINZ for approval.

Step Six: Record of Title. Your Solicitor will now prepare the legal documents and submit with Land Information New Zealand for the new Record of Titles.

*The actual amount of time it takes to work through all of the above steps varies from property to property as it is dependent on many factors.

If you like some advice on this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Property team on (06) 758 7101.