Shareholders Agreements

Shareholder Agreements - Legal Solutions NZ

Thinking of starting up a company? A Shareholders Agreement is one of the most important documents for your business to have. It is a fundamental agreement between the Shareholders of a company and acts as a first point of reference for their rights and responsibilities.

While Shareholders Agreements are typically signed at the establishment of a company, it is never too late to create an agreement and we can help you put one in place.

A Shareholders Agreement outlines the core details of a company such as:

  • How the business will operate.
  • How directors can be appointed and removed.
  • The sale, transfer, and issue of shares.
  • Exit strategies.
  • Decision making at board and shareholder level.
  • Pre-emptive rights.
  • Company funding and loans.
  • Dividends and distributions.
  • Dispute resolution.

A Shareholders Agreement is an essential document but often holds sensitive information about a company. Unlike a company constitution that must be registered with the Companies Office, a Shareholders Agreement is a private agreement where Shareholders are able to agree on procedures that they do not want public.

At Legal Solutions, our experienced Commercial Team can help you develop a Shareholders Agreement that is customized to your company and its specific needs. We can guide you through the different aspects of the administration of a company and explain the options and requirements of a Shareholders Agreement.